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American costume jewelry company, founded in 1929

The brothers Jay and Michael Chernow started in 1929 in Providence, Rhode Island, their firm that created gold tone monogrammes for ladies handbags, purses, sigartte cases and even automibiles in beautiful art deco designs under the name Monocraft.
After two years the expanded the collection with costume jewelry, stimulated by the need of affordable and fashionable juwelry, because the depression in the thirties made it impossible for most people to buy expensive gold an diamond jewelry.
Stimulated by their experiences in gold plate techniques, they started to produce high quality jewelry as brooches, necklaces and bracelets.
In 1937 they changed the name into Monet and gradually became the most important representatives of high end costume jewelry in the 20th century.
From the 40's through the 80's they moved along with the current fashions, and dominated by engaging several designers the market for affordable, fashionable jewelry, illustrated by many recovered vintage advertisements in magazines as Glamour and New York Times.
The timeless designs and application of high quality gold- and silver plated materials make these jewelry pieces still as desirable as in the years of origin.

Items by Monet

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