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Marcel Goupy

Marcel Goupy (1886-1954) was, before turning to glass and ceramics a painter and water colorist.

Having completed the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, he met with gallery holder Georges Rouard in 1909, for whom he designed glass decorations.
His first enamelled pieces found their origin in 1914.
In 1919 he becomes chief decorator and later artistic director of "Cristallerie de la Paix", on the Boulevard de l'Opéra, that lasted until his death in 1954.
Here was work to be found by great names as Auguste Delaherche, Emile Decoeur, Emile Lenoble an Jean Mayodon for ceramics, Jean Dunand for silver, René Lalique,
Maurice Marinot, Henri Navarre en André Turet for glass, and Decorchemont for pâtes de verre.
His principal designs consisted of vegetal decorations and representations of nude women.

Items by Marcel Goupy

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