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Charles Catteau

Charles Crépin Nicolas Catteau (Douai 26 januari 1880 - Nice, 20 oktober 1966) was een Franse keramist en ontwerper, bekend om zijn oeuvre in de art-deco-stijl met uitgesproken kleurgebruik. De meeste van zijn ontwerpen maakte hij voor Boch Frères in La Louvière.

Catteau was one of the most versatile ceramics artist of his generation. As a teacher, chemist, engineer, and artistic director he developed between 1920 and 1941 an impressive collection of artistic ceramic objects inspired by the in the art nouveau proceeded idea that art should be open to the public with the aim to embellish the daily live and thus make it more pleasant.
Under his authority about 2300 decorations and some 500 model designs found their origin.
Many of his designs found their inspiration in to nature dedicated motivs, influences by Oriental, Greek and African art, as well as cubism and abstract art.
For more extensive information see "Art Deco Ceramics Made in Belgium" by Marc Pairon, who disclosed his work and rebrought it under attention.

Items by Charles Catteau

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