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Égide Rombaux

Égide Rombaux (Schaarbeek, 19 januari 1865 – Ukkel, 11 september 1942) was een Belgisch beeldhouwer en medailleur.

Ëgide Rombaux started in his fathers workshop (Felix Rombaux) and in 1879 he became a pupil at the Royal Academy of Brussels.
He worked in the Studio of Albert Desenfans and took lessons with Charles Van der Stappen. In 1884 he assisted Jef Lambeaux with the execution of "Dulle Griet"and "Brabo".
He received the Prix Godecharle which gave him the opportunity to go to Italy for study. In 1891 he received the Prix de Rome, and with the yearly amount he touched he was able to continue his studies in Italy.
From 1894 to 1900 he participated in the Société Nationale de Beaux Arts in Paris, where he then lived and met Rodin who had a certain influence on his work.
In the Exposition 1900 in Paris deed hij showed Venusberg, en lamps en chandeliers, that were designed in Art Nouvea style for the goldsmith François Hoosemans.
Works by Rombaux are to be found in several Museums as Tate Gallery, and the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen
Rombaux died at the age of 77. After his death the Égide Rombaux Prize was established.

Items by Égide Rombaux

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