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Bohemian ceramic/porcelain factory founded by Riessner, Stelmacher en Kessel in 1892.

From the beginning,known under the name Amphora, established in Turn, Tepliz, Bohemia, the aim of this family company was the production of richly ornamented luxury porcelain items.
The first collection turned out to be a great success and received the Highest Award at the Columbian World Exhibition.
In 1893 the factory received the Gold Medal on the San Francisco Exhibition.
Interest in the firm's high-quality products led to rapid growth. With the developement and presentation of the so called Ivory porcelain Amphora earned the Diplôme d'Honneur at the Antwerp Word Exhibition in 1894, and many followed.
After the United States Europe followed as expansion area and showrooms were established in Berlin, London, Vienna, Prague, Paris and Brussels.
The enormous variety in forms and decorations manifests in often symbolistic, fairylike presentations of dragons, bats, fantasy-/fable animals, mytholigical motives but als motives based on the floral world, all very typical for the Art Nouvea period.

Items by Amphora

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