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Rudolf Zieseniss

Rudolf Zieseniss, also Ziesenis or Zieseniß (* 4. May 1883 in Cologne; 4. April 1959 in Düsseldorf), was a german sculptor and portrait painter.

Zieseniss started in 1902as an apprentice of Hermann Volz in the Großherzoglich Badischen Kunstschule in Karlsruhe, then of Karl Janssen in the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf until 1911.
In 1907 he was invited to conceive a marmor statue of the apostel Paul for the Basilika in Trier.
After WW1, he settled in Düsseldorf again where he worked as a sculptor and portrait painter.
Main points in his work were scenes of the life of mountain labourers, female acts and portraits.

Items by Rudolf Zieseniss

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