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Marcel Edouard Sandoz

Edouard Marcel Sandoz, born in Basel, Switzerland in 1881, was a decorative painter and art deco sculptor.

He went to the School of Fine Arts in Paris and was influenced by Francois Pompon, a French sculptor known for his sculptures of animals. He was taught by Antonin Mercié and Jean Antoine Injalbert, one of France's greatest sculptors.
He created almost 1800 sculptures and over 200 porcelain models.
Apart from human figures he was above all known for his animal sculptures, executed in materials as stone, onyx, porcelain, precious stone, bronze and precious metals.
During the first world war he turned over to designs in ceramics, and made models for the porcelain factory Theodore Haviland in Limoges,, Sèvres and Langenthal.
Sandoz died in 1971 in Lausanne.

Items by Marcel Edouard Sandoz

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