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Coudray was a french sculptor en medalist that lived from 1862-1932.

Georges Charles Coudray was the son of Louis Félix Coudray, cabinet maker in Parijs, and brother of M.A. Lucien Coudray (1864-1932), who was also a sculptor.
From 1884 he visits the École des Beaux Arts de Paris, where he was apprantice of Alexandre Falguière, Henri Allouard and Gabriel-Jules Thomas.
From 1883 to 1890 he exposes regularly in the de Salon des Artistes Français, and later less frequently until 1903, where he presents numberless busts and statues.
His statues in plaster, hard stone, terra cotta, and cmost of all bronze of elegant young ladies or mythological subjects are mainly executed in Art Nouveau syle, but he is also well known for his oriental presentations.
He also made decorative objects like vases and was one of the first artists to design metal objects in Art Nouveau style for the German factory Orivit.

Items by Coudray

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